Hello World. My name is H. 

As such, I would have random thoughts flying around in my head, not always but frequent enough that I feel the needs to write them down. This could be a train of thoughts on philosophy, literatures, politics (usually not so politically correct ones), a random mathematical theorem I found useful to remind myself, or it could just be a poem I wrote while sitting on the toilet seat, or the grudge of how annoyed I was about some mo*****ucker I met today. 

It’s pretty much fun to have conversations with myself (or more precisely, a past short-cut of my collection of memories at that moment), as a maths student, most of what I do is read and write maths. But very occasionally I get bored of maths, and I would have thoughts about how the world should be (or to take a more Hume’s approach, how the world IS), those little thoughts are probably too ambitious to think about during daytime, but it’s useful to remind the future me about them. 

This webpage is created solely for the purpose of recording my own thoughts for me to read later (mostly from me sitting on the toilet or lying on my bed after drinking too much), and therefore majority of the contents are not open to the public (ffs some things I wrote are even too embarrassing for myself to read).